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ARK Care® Real-Time Data Management System

ARK Care® is a diabetes management system that is accessed through the Internet and allows safe transfer of stored blood glucose readings from a blood glucose meter to a personal, protected ARK Care® profile on the Internet. The system can be used in a personal home or in a medical facility to assist you and your healthcare providers in uploading, storing and analyzing your blood glucose data with logbooks, graphs and charts.

ARK Care® is intuitive, easy-to-use, FDA approved and HIPAA compliant. The system helps you manage and review your blood glucose control along with other health measurements such as diet, exercise, blood pressure, medications, and lab values such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Your healthcare team can create personal, password protected profiles as well, and you can give them permission to view your data which can significantly help your diabetes treatment plan. This diabetes management system can help you improve your long-term control of diabetes by providing a protected, personal logbook directly uploaded from your personal blood glucose meter.

Visit the ARK Care® website to learn more about the system and contact 855.646.3235 or to order ARK Care® to use in your home or for your medical provider.

ARK Care® Real-Time Data Management System may be used with the following ARKRAY Meters:

  • GLUCOCARD® Expression™
  • GLUCOCARD® Vital™

ARKRAY takes your personal health information very seriously. The ARK Care® system provides the information you need with the privacy that you deserve. ARK Care® is a safe, secure and HIPAA compliant method to manage your blood glucose data.

ARK Care® Information Sheet (PDF)



ARK Care real-time diabetes data management ARK Care® Highlights:
  • Internet-based and real-time data management
  • Secure and protected personal profiles
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliant and FDA approved
  • Upload blood glucose readings to profiles and view reports
  • Track and report blood glucose, medications, laboratory tests, vitals, diet, exercise, etc.
  • Interactive management/communication with healthcare teams

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