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Diabetes Data Management

ARKRAY supports the excellent portfolio of blood glucose monitoring systems with cutting-edge data management technology. GLUCOCARD® blood glucose meters are downloadable which means you have the ability to transfer your blood glucose readings to an electronic logbook with a cable plugged into your computer. With the date and time stamp, you can easily manage your blood glucose numbers in daily, weekly or monthly logbooks on your computer. ARKRAY exclusive software also creates dynamic charts and graphs of your data to provide better analysis and understanding of your blood glucose numbers.

ARKRAY offers two different data management systems for your convenience, one that is accessed via the Internet and one that is stored locally on a personal computer. Both systems provide the best technology for managing blood glucose and are supported by customer service help 24/7.

ARK Care® Real-Time Data Management System
ARK Care® is a diabetes management system that is accessed through the Internet and allows safe transfer of stored blood glucose readings from a blood glucose meter to a personal, protected ARK Care® profile on the Internet.



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